Michigan's iron man: Congressman Dingell on 58 years in D.C.

May 29, 2014

Congressman Dingell in the 112th Congress.
Credit Flickr-dingellmi15

Congressman John Dingell holds the record as America’s longest serving elected official, representing Michigan’s 12th district since 1955. He has served 21,000 days during which he cast 25,000 votes, alongside 11 U.S. Presidents. 

His career will end this year, although the Dingell name may carry on since his wife Debbie is a candidate for the office.

Current State had the chance to speak with Congressman Dingell as he arrived on Mackinac Island for the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual policy conference. When asked about what he thinks of the new state law increasing minimum wage, Dingell said that it is necessary that we have additional work done on minimum wage law in the state of Michigan and the country.