'Moo Cluck Moo' bucks wage trend at $12 per hour

Sep 6, 2013

'Moo Cluck Moo' in Dearborn Heights starts its employees at $12 per hour. It's not precisely a living wage, but significantly higher than Michigan's minimum wage, which is $7.40 per hour.
Credit WKAR File Photo

Last week, thousands of fast food restaurant employees across the country walked out of their kitchens and into the streets to demand a living wage. They were demanding their companies pay them $15 per hour...well above the national average.  There were protests in several Michigan cities, including Detroit, Flint and Lansing.

While the picketing was going on, one mom and pop burgers and wings shop in metro Detroit was plugging away at their unique business plan.  “Moo Cluck Moo” in Dearborn Heights starts its employees off at $12 per hour.  Current State’s Kevin Lavery spoke with the restaurant’s co-founder, Brian Parker.  His first impulse was to ask how he came up with such a unique name.