New Order Helps Young Undocumented Immigrants

Aug 15, 2012

A new presidential order is giving many young, undocumented immigrants in mid-Michigan a shot at legal temporary employment.

The "DACA" program, or "‘Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals," took effect Wednesday. The Obama Administration order applies to young undocumented immigrants who arrived here before the age of 16.

Ramiro Estrada arrived in Lansing as a 12-year old.  He would like a job to continue his college education in nursing.        

“I will be able to apply for a job and get the money to keep on going with my schooling,” he says.

Immigrants, clergy and other advocates are holding a workshop about the process Wednesday afternoon at Cristo Rey Catholic Church in Lansing.

Conservatives argue DACA is unfair. Republican state representative Rick Jones of Grand Ledge says such measures “fly in the face” of legal immigrants and other citizens who can’t find work.