Schuette, Lawmakers Call For Cleaning Up Probate Abuses

Sep 7, 2017

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and state lawmakers are calling for an overhaul of how the property of recently deceased people is dealt with. Rick Pluta has more. 

News reports have outlined how some lawyers appointed by the attorney general’s office to deal with unclaimed property have abused the process. They’ve taken control of property before families have filed with the local probate court, and charged large fees to sell and administer the property. Three of the administrators have been removed.

Andrea Bitely is with the attorney general’s office.

“It’s really about trying to make sure that if you have a loved one that passes away, you’re able to maintain control of their property.”

Bills before the Legislature would give families more time to claim the property of their relatives. Administrators would also have to make a good faith effort to reach families before they file a claim.