Twyla Tharp Dance leaps onto Wharton stage for 50th anniversary tour

Nov 3, 2015

Current State talks with dance legend Twyla Tharp ahead of her 50th anniversary tour coming to the Wharton Center tonight.

She’s a legend in the dance world, and tonight she’ll be on the MSU Campus at the Wharton Center. Choreographer and Kennedy Center honoree Twyla Tharp comes to East Lansing as part of her 50th anniversary tour.

There will be two new pieces by Twyla in tonight’s performance. One will feature a signature genre of hers, early jazz. The other new work goes back a couple of centuries earlier: "Preludes and Fugues," which utilizes music from Johann Sebastian Bach’s "Well Tempered Clavier."

Current State’s Jamie Paisley talks with Twyla Tharp.