Virtual education expands learning options for MI students

Feb 19, 2016

Nearly 20 years ago, the Michigan legislature established Michigan Virtual University to promote online education. We learn more from MVU president and CEO Jamey Fitzpatrick.

The Michigan Legislature established Michigan Virtual University in 1998 to promote digital learning. The organization just logged its 200,000th online enrollment.
Credit Eric Norris / Flickr Creative Commons

In 1998, the term “distance education” was a fairly distant concept. The Internet was still young, and digital education was just getting off the ground. That was the year the Michigan Legislature established Michigan Virtual University. Now, MVU has recently enrolled its 200,000th online student.

Gov. Rick Snyder observed the achievement by declaring last Wednesday as “Digital Learning Day.” But can an online education be a viable alternative to traditional classroom learning?

Current State talks with Jamey Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of Michigan Virtual University.