Wharton Center ‘BigMouth’ remixes speeches from history

Jan 12, 2016

Typically, being called a big mouth is an insult, but at the Wharton Center this Thursday, it is one man’s exploration of history. We speak with Belgian performance artist Valentijn Dhaenens about his one man-one mouth show, which pulls from famous speeches across history to tell the story of the world we live in.

The Wharton Center’s Pasant Theater welcomes a guy with a big mouth this Friday night. The performer for this is a man named Valentijn Dhaenens, and “BigMouth” is indeed the name of Friday’s show at the Wharton Center.

Dhaenens read over a thousand famous real-life speeches across history for this production and he recites them, even sings them, in his one-man show. He uses lots of comparing and contrasting to craft his message.

Current State’s Jamie Paisley talks with Valentijn Dhaenens about "BigMouth."