South Lansing advocates pursue rejuvenation

Aug 25, 2015
South Lansing photo
Kevin Lavery / WKAR-MSU

In late 2014, a new grassroots organization formed to try to improve the quality of life in south Lansing. ‘Rejuvenating South Lansing’ was founded by Elaine Womboldt, who’s lived in that part of the city since 1971.  

Womboldt says the group’s aim is to create positive changes in the quality of life for residents and businesses, and to create a safe environment. One focus has been eliminating blight and attracting more quality businesses to the area.

Two planned projects In Lansing’s Genesee neighborhood have triggered a forward-looking discussion among residents and business people there.   Earlier this year, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and the non-profit Zero Day announced plans for new offices and facilities on Butler Street, which runs less than a half mile near the Capitol.

Around the city of Lansing, grassroots volunteers are the lifeblood of neighborhood organizations trying to improve the quality of life.