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Mother Of Former MSU Football Player Mylan Hicks Opens Up About Death Of Her Son

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Renee Hill opens up about the death of her son, former MSU football player Mylan Hicks, in a Calgary shooting last year. In painstaking detail, she traces how the night went according to police reports and witness testimonies that she heard.

Here's how she remembers it when speaking with "Current Sports" host Al Martin. 

On Sept. 25th, 2016, there was an altercation outside of the Marquee Beer Market nightclub in Calgary.  Hicks arrived to the nightclub late, where he went to meet up with his teammates and have a good time. However, a man in the club was picking fights with everyone, especially those on the Calgary Stampeders football team--whom Hicks played for--because all the young ladies were flocking to them.

As soon as Hicks walked into the club, he saw all of the commotion.  According to witness testimonies and what the detectives told Hill, Hicks bought the man a drink and tried to calm him down, telling him that whatever was going on was not that serious.  In the early morning, the man pulled out a gun and began to shoot.

Hicks had nothing to do with the altercation and was not a target, but he was hit by a stray bullet.  Hill claims her son's pants were sagged because he always expressed his "Detroit side."  She said that the combination of sagged pants and being tipsy while trying to run made it hard for Hicks to get out of the way in time. 

Police in Calgary charged 19-year-old Nelson Lugela with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Mylan Hicks. 

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