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NBA Free Agency Makes For Big Splash Over Fourth Of July


It's already a foregone conclusion for most people around the sporting world that the 2016-17 NBA season was one of the most unentertaining seasons in recent memory. From the start of the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors were on a collision course for their third matchup in the Finals in as many years. The lack of parity around the league was at an all time high, but free agency has more than made up for the lackluster season. 

After a weekend spent soaking up the sun in Miami, Al Martin returns to the airwaves to catch you up on some of the block-buster moves. Does the acquisition of Gordon Hayward give the Boston Celtics a realistic shot at the Cavaliers? How much of the gap was made up between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the top of the west with the surprise addition of Paul George? Are there any sleeper teams that will make a difference?

While Al addresses those questions, engineer Isaac Constans points to some of the other moves as an indication of resignation from teams around the league. While George, Paul, Butler and Hayward have been getting all the attention, what about Paul Millsap, or Kyle Lowry? Where do the middling teams turn from this point? And later in the show, callers have some different thoughts about the magnitude of the moves. To catch up on the excitement of the offseason, listen in to hear Al and Isaac's thoughts on the signings and shake-ups.

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