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Dogs Need Protection from July 4th Fireworks

Reginald Hardwick

Tomorrow is Independence day which means a lot of barbecues and fireworks for Americans. 

But the outcome of the celebration can lead to some missing pets. 

Julia Wilson, the President of Lansing's Capital Area Humane Society said firework displays often freighten dogs to the point they run away.

It's usually a best practice for these holidays [for] you to leave the dog home - Julia Wilson, Capital Area Humane Society

"For the most part, some dogs can deal with the noise and activity of fireworks," said Wilson. "But a lot of dogs that are reactive to things like thunderstorms or sensitive to noises, the fireworks create a lot of anxiety for those dogs. So we really recommend people don't take dogs to firework displays."

Wilson said that it is around this time they see many lost and stray dogs around the area. The Capital Area Humane Society also get lots of reports from people that have found animals and lost their pets.

"It's usually a best practice for these holidays [for] you to leave the dog home," said Wilson. "If you can't, then we suggest you find a safe, quiet place for your dog to stay, especially during the fireworks activity."

Wilson also said that medical intervention can help if the dog is experiencing heavy anxiety.

Additionally, turning on TV or radio to provide some background noise to block the firework noise, can help calm a dog.  

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