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Michigan’s Minimum Wage Rises 20 Cents To $9.45 An Hour In March

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Michigan’s minimum wage is rising by 20 cents an hour.

Editor's note: The original AP article reported the wage increase started on January 1, 2019. It takes effect in March because the law didn't get immediate effect in the legislature.

The increase takes effect in March and makes the minimum $9.45, up from $9.25. The boost comes amid political wrangling that’s expected to continue into court.


The $9.25 minimum wage had been set to rise by an inflationary amount this April. But a ballot drive gathered signatures for an initiative to set it at $10 Tuesday and ultimately $12 in 2022.


A person making $9.45/hour for 40 hours for 52 weeks would make $19,656 a year not counting taxes, FICA, etc.

Republican lawmakers adopted the citizens’ initiative only to recently scale it back with outgoing Gov. Rick Snyder. To address business’ concerns, they landed at $9.45 and delayed the $12 minimum until 2030.


The One Fair Wage ballot committee says it’s evaluating legal options and “will keep fighting until the rule of law is respected and the democratic process is upheld.”

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