Current Sports | 10/10/16 | #798

Oct 10, 2016

Michigan State Football, Quarterback Quandary for MSU, BYU Football, Michigan Football, Blowouts in Sports and Current Sports Content.

Credit Matthew Mitchell / MSU Athletic Communications

It just isn't getting any better for the Spartans. A 31-14 pounding by BYU means that MSU is 2-3 on the year, with three consecutive losses. Al and engineer Isaac Constans have a whole new analysis for the team and an entirely new beef with the coaching staff. Nothing is held back while the two address why Tyler O'Connor shouldn't have been benched. And in an hour teeming with callers, everyone has a say on the team down the road. What the University of Michigan did to Rutgers was nothing short of a landslide, and Al repeats 15 stats that state the fact. Did they run up the score unfairly though? Finally, Zach Barnes and Kamen Kessler join the show for the final five minutes to give some insight on the sports that you might not have seen this weekend.