Current Sports | August 31, 2017

Aug 31, 2017

LaVar Ball; Technology in Sports; Michigan-Florida; Jim Harbaugh; High School Football; Zach Berridge; Preseason Football.

Credit Kevin Lavery, WKAR News

Bright, flashing lights shine all over "Current Sports with Al Martin" today. That's right, the show is featuring reality TV, as notorious NBA father LaVar Ball will now have his own show. But while it seems harmless, what's wrong with this addition to popular media? Al and engineer Isaac Constans tear the idea apart, but as Al acknowledges the marketing prowess of Ball, Isaac says his flaws are too deep to overlook. And going forward onto serious matters, the children of Ball have targets on their backs, an unfair inheritance possibly. After a caller chimes in on the topic, Al previews the Michigan-Florida football opener in the wake of two new suspensions for the Gators. And from the bright lights to the Friday night lights, high school football starts a day early this weekend, meaning WILX sports reporter and anchor Zach Berridge is in the studio to preview the special edition of Thursday games. Zach updates the audience on where he and his crewe will be and throws out some predictions, too, even on MSU football. That just about closes the show, but not before one more warning about preseason football.

Episode 1013