Detroit hip-hop musician combines art and activism

Feb 3, 2016

Multimedia artist Sacramento Knoxx talks with Current State about how growing up in Detroit influences his art and his activism.

Sacramento Knoxx is a multi-media artist based in Southwest Detroit.
Credit Courtesy photo / Christopher Yepez

A lot of early hip hop was political, with artists like Public Enemy using their music as a way to voice the concerns of the African American community. That legacy continues today right here in Michigan.

Current State’s April Van Buren talks to a Detroiter who is using his his art as a tool for community organizing. He's Christopher Yepez, who goes by the name Sacramento Knoxx. He’s a Chicano and Ojibwe multimedia artists who grew up in Southwest Detroit. His hometown and his heritage serve as inspiration for a lot of his filmmaking and his music.

These days, he incorporates a lot of electronic and hip hop elements into his work, but his first musical experience, in Kindergarten class, started out a little more low-tech.