Ingham County Animal Control Warns Of Canine Influenza Spread

Aug 15, 2018

Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter is warning of the spread of Canine Influenza in the state.  In a statement released today, the shelter says Michigan has recently started seeing cases of the infectious virus.

Kate Turner is the Customer Service and Community Outreach Manager at The Ingham County Animal Shelter. She recommends pet owners visit the vet for a flu vaccine, especially if they interact with other dogs.  

“It’s especially important if your dog goes out and sees a lot of other dogs. So if you regularly go to a dog park or boarding kennels, grooming kennels. Where they’re gonna have contact with lots of other dogs that you may not know the history on. It would definitely be recommended” says Turner.    

Cases of canine influenza have been seen in over 30 states. Turner says the virus shares similar symptoms to kennel cough.