Joe Biden Makes An Appeal To MI Voters In Virtual Rally

Sep 13, 2020

During a virtual rally on Saturday. Joe Biden urged people to cast ballots for down-ticket Democratic candidates -- as well as himself -- in the November election.




At a virtual rally organized by the Blue Brigade, a political activist group in the Greater Lansing area, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden reminded Michiganders they have a role to play if they want to see a blue wave in November. 


“The soul of America is at stake in this election. That’s the reason I decided to run,” he said. “That's why I stand united with every single Democrat in our shared mission to beat Donald Trump and restore decency, dignity and leadership to the White House.” 


Biden was joined by Democratic elected leaders including Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow.


“We are helping people cast their ballots while Republicans are just casting fear,” Stabenow said. “We’ve got to be reaching out, all of us in everything we can do, to help people understand they can feel confident to vote.”


Michigan was a key state in securing President Trump’s victory in 2016. Democrats are relying on higher voter turnout to help them this election cycle.