LEAP launches nuclear business recruitment plan

Nov 18, 2015

Economic developers see an opportunity to make the Lansing area a hub for particle accelerator businesses. We talk with Steve Willobee, Chief Operating Officer of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, and Rachel Kuntzsch, a business and economic development consultant whose company came up with the action plan.

Lansing main economic development organization sees a lot of business and job creation potential stemming from MSU’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams and other particle accelerator ventures. With that goal in mind, the Lansing Economic Area Partnership has announced a recruitment effort aimed at attracting similar  businesses. LEAP CEO Bob Trezise says the area could create “the number one particle accelerator industry in North America.”

With such potential in mind, LEAP and others have developed an action plan.

Current State talks with Steve Willobee, LEAP's Chief Operating Officer, and Rachel Kuntzsch of Kuntzsch Solutions, which has put together the effort's action plan.