Moviemaking in Michigan: Flooding causes a setback

Nov 17, 2014

Rich Goteri of the Michigan Actor's Studio in Ferndale wrote 'Eastern Market' and plans to star in the independent film.

This year, we’ve been following a project by a team of filmmakers hoping to make a movie called “Eastern Market” in Detroit. We’ve met the writer, co-writer, producer and director, with hopes of being a part of the action from start to finish.

Rich Goteri, who wrote and plans to star in “Eastern Market”, has a day job, too: he runs the Michigan Actors Studio in Ferndale. It’s a place where young actors can learn their trade from a professional faculty. The Detroit area was struck by massive flooding when a huge rainstorm hit back in August; the studio suffered major water damage, and fixing the place up has really thrown a wrench into the works.

Goteri tells Current State's Scott Pohl that the movie has had to take a back seat to making repairs, and paying for them.