New Boardwalk Could Improve Safety In Meridian Township

Sep 27, 2019

For years, people had no way to cross the Mud Lake Drain wetland on foot. 


They were forced to walk on the side of busy Okemos Road near oncoming traffic. Soon, people can walk over the wetland instead of walking around it.

The Okemos Road Boardwalk is an elevated quarter mile pathway. It runs parallel to Okemos Road in between the Meridian Service Center and Central Park Drive.

Younes Ishraidi is the chief engineer for Meridian Township. He said this project is getting lots of community support.

“All the time, we get people actually asking about the completion date," said Ishraidi. "People are so excited about it but for years, we had people from the residence around here asking when this will be done.”

This structure costs more than a million dollars. It was funded by the Ingham County Parks and Trail Millage and the Township’s pathway millage.