‘Pure Michigan Waste’ campaign aims to streamline government work force

Nov 14, 2013

Two years after it first suggested reforms to streamline and improve front line services to Michigan citizens, the Coalition of State Employee Unions says the state has failed to improve its human capital strategy.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Michigan government services are inefficient and expensive because important reforms are not taking place.That’s the conclusion of a new report from a coalition of state employee labor unions entitled “Pure Michigan Waste.”

In the report, the group claims that some Michigan governmental departments continue to hire more managers and supervisors than front-line service employees. However, one key state official is casting doubt on the report.

Cindy Estrada, the leader of the Coalition of State Employee Labor Unions and the Vice President of the United Auto Workers Union, says state workers took concessions when times were bad, and as things get better, workers should improve or at least maintain their current status.