Sharpshooters target CWD-impacted deer in Meridian Township

Jan 14, 2016

Meridian Township is working with sharpshooters this week who’ll be hunting deer to try to control the spread of chronic wasting disease. Current State’s Kevin Lavery has the story.

Deer hunting season has been over for a nearly a month now, but this week, a few hunters are scouting for white tails in Meridian Township. The kills won’t be for sport, but instead, for survival.

Last spring, state wildlife officials detected a few cases of chronic wasting disease in a deer herd in Meridian Township. CWD is a debilitating nervous system disorder that affects both deer and elk. Meridian Township wants to get out ahead of this problem by thinning the herd. They’ve contracted with a select group of sharpshooters to hunt deer on some private land.

Current State producer Kevin Lavery talks with with Jane Greenway, the parks and land management coordinator for Meridian Township.