Sparrow joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

Jun 8, 2012

Sparrow Health System in Lansing is joining forces with one of the nation’s most renowned names in health care. 

Sparrow Health System is the first in Michigan to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network.  The alliance will give Sparrow caregivers and patients direct access to Mayo’s research and expertise.  Sparrow joins four other U.S. health providers in the Mayo network. 

Sparrow CEO Dennis Swan says his organization and the Mayo Clinic share core values.

"People today are generally concerned about safety, quality, satisfaction and value," Swan says.  "When you want to look for a name in health care that bespeaks quality in the patient experience, you look to Mayo."

Mayo officials say they’ll have more opportunity to conduct clinical trials with Sparrow and its other network partners.  They’re hoping to extend their clinic care network internationally.