In wake of FCC ruling, MSU researchers launch net neutrality study

Mar 2, 2015

MSU Professors Steve Wildman (center) and Johannes Bauer (right) with Current State host Mark Bashore.
Credit Scott Pohl/WKAR

Last Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission enacted historic new rules governing broadband technology. The FCC moved to reclassify internet service providers under Title Two of the Telecommunications Act, an 80-year-old law originally written to regulate telephone companies. Democrats hailed the decision as a victory for open access to the Internet, and a means to prevent so-called “fast lanes” for those who could afford to pay for quicker service. Some Republicans criticized the move as increased government control over the Internet.

Current State speaks with Dr. Johannes Bauer, chair of the Department of Media and Information in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences here at Michigan State University, and Dr. Steve Wildman, a professor in the same department who holds a unique view of the F-C-C. He served as its chief economist in 2013.