Department of Natural Resources

Lake Michigan
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State government in Michigan is stepping up efforts to boost environmental sustainability by using energy saving efforts at prisons, converting state parks and fish hatcheries to renewable energy, and taking other steps.

Whitetail deer photo

State regulators are continuing a ban on baiting and feeding deer in Michigan's Lower Peninsula in an effort to prevent spread of chronic wasting disease.

Mackinac Bridge
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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is requiring large vessel operators to verify they're not dragging their anchors on the bottomlands when passing through the Straits of Mackinac.

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State funding is available for local efforts to control or get rid of invasive plants in Michigan’s inland lakes.

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Officials say the moose population in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula continues to inch upward.

Female gray wolf photo
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Authorities say two men confessed to illegally killing wolves in separate poaching incidents in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

ring-necked pheasant

Michigan lawmakers have agreed to spend $180,000 to buy pheasants to promote hunting.

Whitetail deer photo

Legislation heading to Gov. Rick Snyder would prohibit the sterilization of deer but let Ann Arbor proceed with its program to control what city officials say is an overpopulation problem.

Chronic Wasting Disease deer
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State officials say deer in two additional Michigan counties are suspected of having chronic wasting disease.

Black bear in a meadow
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Bear hunting season is getting underway in Michigan.