Gretchen Whitmer

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan's first Democratic secretary of state in more than 20 years gives her inaugural remarks.
Reginald Hardwick, WKAR

During her inauguration speech on January 1, 2019, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson vowed to protect the votes and democracy of the state's voters. 

Garlin Gilchrist II, inauguration

"Together we'll move Michigan forward and leave it better than we found it." That was one of the declarations of Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II during his inauguration speech on January 1, 2019.

Michigan's 49th governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D), pledged to cast partisanship aside to fix the roads and other problems in the state during her inauguration speech on January 1, 2019. 

Special: Michigan Inauguration 2019

Jan 1, 2019
Michigan Capitol Building
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Tue., Jan. 1, 11am-noon WKAR NewsTalk 105.1 FM/AM 870, WKAR TV World channel and | Live from the steps of the Michigan State Capitol.

Gretchen Whitmer
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Michigan’s next governor will be sworn into office Tuesday. Capital Correspondent Cheyna Roth brings us details of the event.

Capitol, inauguration
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Crews in Lansing spent the weekend preparing the State Capitol for the January 1, 2019 inauguration of Governor-Elect Gretchen Whitmer and other newly elected Michigan officials.

Gretchen Whitmer
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Michigan Governor-Elect Gretchen Whitmer has announced the names of 10 incoming department heads.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
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Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer has announced some key members of her Cabinet along with top aides in the executive office.

Gretchen Whitmer, White House

Michigan Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer said Thursday she emphasized the importance of upgrading road and water infrastructure and keeping invasive carp out of the Great Lakes in a meeting with President Donald Trump.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
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Cleaning up contaminated drinking water and smoothing deteriorating roads will top the agenda for Democratic Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer, who said Wednesday she hopes to find bipartisan consensus with the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
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Republicans’ eight-year run of complete control over state government has come to an end. The midterm election means Michigan’s government will change with Democrats taking the governor’s office.

Ballot and Machine
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Michigan Democrats are trying to crack the Republican Party's hold on most statewide offices and congressional seats by fielding a slate of female candidates in Tuesday's election.

James Blanchard, Janet Blanchard, John Lewis
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Former Michigan Governor James Blanchard talked with WKAR's Reginald Hardwick about why he supports Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer. Blanchard also discussed his involvement in helping Michigan State University, his alma mater, pick its next president. 

Joe Biden
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Former Vice President Joe Biden wants Michigan residents to know what’s at stake for the November election. Biden was in Lansing Thursday night to hold a rally for Democratic candidates.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette on Tuesday canceled TV ads across Michigan in the final week of the race, except in the Detroit market — another sign that his campaign was facing an uphill climb to defeat Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.