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Lansing requires reporting of stolen guns

Brett Hondow

The Lansing city council Monday approved a new ordinance that requires the owner of a gun that has been stolen to report it to local police.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor first raised the idea for the new ordinance in December. He asked for the city council to approve the measure early this year.

Under the ordinance, anyone whose gun has been stolen must report it to city police within five days. Failure to report could result in a civil infraction and a fine of up to $500. Stolen guns can be reported on the Lansing Police Department website or by phone.

Schor says Lansing will better know what guns are on the street.

“We know that we took about 570 guns off the street just last year without knowing what guns were on the street,” Schor said. “So this will give us a little bit more information to know what’s out there.”

Michigan law requires the reporting of stolen guns, but the law doesn’t require the state police to share that information with local governments.

“Responsible gun owners will be reporting these guns,” Schor continued. “And if someone’s gun is stolen and they don’t report it and it’s used for a crime, then we know that we can go after the irresponsible gun owner.”

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