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Voters approve Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment expanding voting rights

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Scott Pohl

Michigan voters approved Proposal 2 by a large margin in Tuesday's election.

The constitutional amendment protects the fundamental right to vote, and prohibits activities including the passage of laws that interfere with or burden that right.

The amendment also:

  • adds the right to nine days of in-person voting
  • requires military or overseas ballots to be counted if postmarked by Election Day
  • allow voters to use either a valid ID or a sworn affidavit in order to vote by a regular, as opposed to provisional, ballot
  • the right to state pre-paid return postage on absentee ballots
  • requires access to at least one state-funded ballot drop box per municipality, or one for every 15,000 registered voters

The amendment gives the Secretary of State sole authority to conduct election audits and oversee county audits — and it requires boards of canvassers to certify election results based solely on the certified statements of votes.

That could forestall partisan refusals of members of boards of canvassers to certify election results, which caused disruption in the certification of the 2020 election results for Wayne County.

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