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East Lansing Transportation Commission considering expanding 'No Turn on Red' streets downtown

Albert Avenue photo
City of East Lansing

East Lansing could see more “No Turn on Red” signs installed on downtown streets.

The city’s Transportation Commission is exploring a potential ordinance to prohibit drivers at some intersections from turning right on a red traffic signal. The traffic measure is often used to reduce the chance of pedestrians being hit by a car.

Commissioner John Boyse said the city is seeing an increasing number of pedestrians in its downtown area. He said restricting right turns on red lights would protect people walking and biking downtown.

“If they could be assured when you approach a light, and you have a pedestrian signal that approves you to cross, that you do not have to worry about a car looking left," Boyse said. "If the traffic’s clear, they’re just gonna go, and if you’re standing to the right, you’re not in their view.”

Boyse added that he’s a cyclist and worries about being hit by drivers as well as Capital Area Transportation Authority buses when passing through streets.

“I don’t want to interact with them when they have a red light," he said. "I’d like to know for sure that they're gonna wait, and I can safely cross. And I want everyone to also have that assurance.”

Boyse says the commission is in early discussions and has yet to make any formal recommendations. The group would need to speak with traffic engineers before taking further action.

Arjun Thakkar is WKAR's politics and civics reporter.
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