Companies May Receive Michigan's First Medical Marijuana Licenses Today

Jul 12, 2018

Michigan’s medical marijuana industry will take a giant leap forward in Lansing on Thursday.

Andrew Brisbo is director of the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

He says several businesses will learn at a hearing in Lansing if they will be able to grow, process or sell medical marijuana under new state regulations.

"That will be, we believe, the first time that applications for full licensure will be presented to the board so we expect some licenses to actually be issued so the industry can actually get up and running," said Brisbo.

Brisbo said more than 600 companies across Michigan paid to have their applications reviewed in hopes of receiving a medical marijuana license.

The state began accepting applications for licenses in December 2017.

A 2016 law aimed to address confusion surrounding the legality of dispensary shops that opened after Michigan voters in 2008 authorized marijuana for medical use.

Editor's note: Michigan officially spells marijuana with an "h" or marihuana. Click here to learn the reason why.