Current Sports | 11/5/15 | #580

Nov 5, 2015

Detroit Lions' Front Office Cleanout, Martin Mayhew, Tom Lewand, Matthew Stafford, Michigan State Basketball, Michigan Basketball, MMA, and Throwback Thursday.

Today's show features the immediate reactions of Al, Isaac, and a slew of Detroit Lions fans who got wind of the firing of Lions' general manager Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand just minutes before the show. What does this mean for the rest of the Lions and head coach Jim Caldwell, and were such sweeping moves deserved? Also,  the show features takeaways and interviews from last night's season opener for the Michigan State men's basketball team, including three players who stood out. After a few interesting calls already, Ray from Indiana gives an anecdote on why John Beilein's contract extension was totally undeserved. The show goes up to the very last second with today's guest, Ron Deleon, an MMA and boxing promoter locally, and 'Throwback Thursday.'