Current Sports | 2/5/16 | #632

Feb 5, 2016

Johnny Manziel In Trouble, Warriors in the White House, Alex Guana, Current Sports TV Rewind, Super Bowl Predictions, and Reflection Friday.

What happened to Johnny Manziel? With newly released allegations about the former Heisman winner striking his ex-girlfriend, Al and Isaac bemoan the talent and opportunity wasted by the former Heisman winner. After that, a caller poses an interesting question on whether conference tournaments are necessary in college basketball. And in case you missed last night's Current Sports TV, it's all good because there is a Current Sports TV Rewind of Al's chat with Alex Guana, former Michigan State basketball player. Big games are coming up this weekend, as well, so hear Al and Isaac's predictions for the biggest of them all-- the Super Bowl. And finally, tune in to 'Reflection Friday' catch what you might have glazed over in the course of the past week.