Current Sports #551 | September 18, 2015

Sep 18, 2015

Kyle Flood, Academic Violations, Thursday Night Football Recap, Current Sports' TV Sitdown, Deyeya Jones, Michigan State Football, Detroit Lions, and Reflection Friday.

As the list of transgressions in the football realm burgeons daily, that's what the show starts off about. Kyle Flood, Rutgers' head coach, was suspended and fined for trying to influence one of his player's grades, with Al and Isaac expounding upon Rutgers' long list of problems these last few weeks. Then, it's a Current Sports' TV rewind, as the audio is rolled in from Al's discussion with Deyeya Jones, local youth football coach, on last night's Current Sports. Next up is a preview of this weekend's games, with both the Lions and Spartans taking the field. And finally, as always, it's 'Reflection Friday'.