Current Sports | 9/12/16 | #778

Sep 12, 2016

NFL Opening Weekend, Detroit Lions Victory, Matthew Stafford, Central Michigan, Justin Rogers, Weekend Winners.

Credit G.Smith / Detroit Lions

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" the NFL couldn't have asked for much more from opening weekend. And Detroit Lions fans rejoiced as the Lions had an atypically resilient victory. Al and engineer Isaac Constans break down the game, fielding callers to help him sift through the good and bad. The big caller of the day, Justin Rogers, Detroit News beat reporter on the Detroit Lions, delves deeper and complements the theories that Al threw out. Then, it's onto the rest of the best of football, including a Central Michigan game-winning hook-and-ladder and Michigan's obliteration of UCF. Finally, meet the new interns for the semester and listen to the weekend's best on 'Weekend Winners.'