Current Sports | 9/15/16 | #781

Sep 15, 2016

Jaren Jackson Jr., Michigan State Men's Basketball, Tom Izzo, Detroit Tigers, Hazing in High School Sports, and Throwback Thursday.

Credit Wikimedia: Chlopeck

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" there is strictly sports talk! Beginning with the surprising news of five-star recruit Jaren Jackson Jr.'s commitment to MSU, Al opens the show about talking what Jackson brings to the program. However, that opens up an issue of debate between Al and Isaac about why Tom Izzo is just now successfully attracting such highly touted prospects. Also on the hour, Current Sports provides live updates of the Detroit Tigers' closing game of the series against the Minnesota Twins. And after introducing the topic yesterday, Al and Isaac full-on explore the matter of high school hazing and the alarming extreme that has been reached in certain cases. Finally, 'Throwback Thursday' completes a busy and exciting hour.