Current Sports | 9/27/16 | #789

Sep 27, 2016

Detroit Tigers Playoff Hopes, Mark Dantonio Press Conference, Detroit Lions, Tyler O'Connor, MSU Football, and Jim Caldwell.

Credit G.Smith / Detroit Lions

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" there was nothing nice about yesterday for the Detroit Tigers. After losing the division with a defeat to the Cleveland Indians, the Tigers have their chances at the final wild card spot assessed by Al. Then, Mark Dantonio's press conference directs a four-voice forum on what MSU needs to change following the Wisconsin game. This leads into the broader question of whether a seismic replacement might be needed at the quarterback position. Up next, is it the same situation for the 1-2 Detroit Lions, only with Jim Caldwell on the hot seat. To end the show, it's the NFL and the Detroit Lions that command the conversation.