Current Sports | April 19, 2017

Apr 19, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Suicide; Adam Schefter; Societal Reaction to Aaron Hernandez; Reasons for the Demise of Aaron Hernandez; Matthew Stafford.

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On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" the suicide of Aaron Hernandez was sad for a spectrum of reasons. However, even for those who don't mourn the former tight end and convicted murderer's death, there's something to learn from his demise. Al says someone should've seen it coming. Engineer Isaac Constans says this may even have to do with mental health. Although the talk doesn't emit the same gloom that prior ones in reference to the passing of greats have, it carries a more serious message--that society needs repairing. Al and Isaac discuss what can be gleaned from the long path of Hernandez from football superstar to another inmate suicide. A great call adds to the conversation. After a heavy but necessary exploration of the matter, the show progresses with news that quarterback Matthew Stafford is seeking a contract extension with the Detroit Lions. Al and Isaac play mock general manager, and go on to finish the show by congratulating Serena Williams on her pregnancy.

Episode 919