Current Sports | December 7, 2017

Dec 7, 2017

Detroit Lions; Jim Caldwell; Roger Goodell; Pittsburgh Steelers; Cincinnati Benglas; WKAR's Scott Pohl; Larry Nassar

Credit Gavin Smith / Detroit Lions

Can you say "pay day?" "Current Sports with Al Martin" discusses NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's five-year contract extension worth $200 million. Al and engineer Isaac Constans debate Jim Caldwell's job security with the Detroit Lions, and give their thoughts on the Lions' chances at making the playoffs. Mike Mitchell of the Pittsburgh Steelers made blunt comments on the NFL's recent string of suspensions, and Al and Isaac debate some of the strong claims Mitchell made. WKAR's Scott Pohl joins the show to talk about Thursday's court sentencing for Larry Nassar, and Throwback Thursday wraps up the show with a little bit of sports history.

Episode 1073