Current Sports | June 1, 2017

Jun 1, 2017

NBA Beef; NBA Finals Predictions; Cleveland Cavaliers; Golden State Warriors; LSJ Sports Awards; MSU Football Schedule; Throwback Thursday; Stanley Cup Finals.

Credit Michael Tipton / Flickr Creative Commons

The excitement is palpable on today's "Current Sports with Al Martin." The NBA Finals kick off tonight, but that's not all the news out of the association. Los Angeles Clippers players beefed about the locker room, and it makes for one great intro. Of course though, the Finals conversation steals the show. Al and engineer Isaac Constans break the game down into X-factors, game-winners, MVP's, stats and everything you can imagine in preparation for the 9 p.m. tip-off. Hear their predictions and why throughout today's show. Current Sports intern Jacob Herbert also has a decisive vote and an odd reason behind it. Next, MSU football's detailed schedule is announced for next year, and while fans might be ready for football, the schedule itself might be lackluster. Next, Al and Isaac describe what the Lansing State Journal's second annual Sports Awards was like last night. Finally, Jacob delivers his review of the Stanley Cup Finals, and 'Throwback Thursday' takes it away.

Episode 949