Current Sports | September 12, 2017

Sep 12, 2017

Football Rivalry; Ohio State Football; Michigan State Football Press Conference; Callers; Allen Gant; Michigan Football.


On "Current Sports with Al Martin" today, where has competitiveness gone in college football? After Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield spiked a flag into the Ohio State football field, Detroit Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker sprung to the defense of his alma mater. While some are mad, Al is anything besides about the new rivalry. But still, there are boundaries. Then, Mark Dantonio takes the podium for his third in-season press conference. Al introduces the MSU head coach's comments, and callers add on too. Engineer Isaac Constans awakens from his slumber of depression following his hometown New Orleans Saints' underwhelming start to the season before the guest for the day joins the football firestorm. Allen Gant, former University of Michigan linebacker and now Ohio broadcaster, helps catch what slipped through from U of M's game. And as the 'Allen and Allen Segment' brings the show to a halt, Al gives a sneak peek on some Detroit Tigers thoughts he has for tomorrow.

Episode 1021