EPISODE 1000 - Current Sports | August 14, 2017

Aug 15, 2017

Episode 1000; PGA Championship; Jordan Spieth; Justin Thomas; Detroit Lions; NFL Pre-Season; Alex Scharg

Credit WKAR

Today was the 1000th episode for "Current Sports with Al Martin."  It was a packed show and a trip down memory lane.  The show starts off with a clip of callers talking about what Current Sports means to them and why.  Al then reminisces about how he got to the 1000th mark.  Al invites engineer Isaac Constans onto the show.  Constans is so dedicated to the show that he called in for the entire show while on vacation to share his favorite memories.  Al then speaks on the PGA Championship and how Justin Thomas was able to hoist golf's final major championship of year. Moving on, Al discusses how the Detroit Lions defeated the Indianapolis Colts and how Kenny Galloway was impressive as a rookie. Al and Isaac discuss why four pre-season games are not necessary in the NFL.  Later on in the show, a clip is played with bloopers from the past 1000th shows.  Al and Isaac also share their favorite interview moment.  Alex Scharg, former Current Sports engineer, then joins the convo to discuss how sports talk radio has evolved through time.  He also shares how much he has learned under Al!           

Episode 1000