Grand River In Lansing To Be At Highest Level In Over 30 Years

Feb 19, 2018

Later this week, the Grand River in Lansing is expected to be at its highest level since 1985. The National Weather Service predicts the river to be cresting at 14 feet on Friday.

Nathan Jeruzal is with the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids, he says the high level is because of the snow that is still covering much of the ground in the area.

“When there’s no snow, there’s no frost in the ground, heavier rainfalls can kinda soak into the ground a little bit. The ground can absorb it and kind of keep it from running off into the rivers real quickly." Says Jeruzal. "But at this time right now, we have a lot of frost in the ground still across the area. And so that’s just gonna have the rain that falls and the snow that melts, just kind of run off right into the rivers and streams.”


Based on updated expected rainfall amounts, the National Weather Service is predicting the Grand River in Lansing to be at its highest in over 30 years.
Credit Courtesy / National Weather Service - Grand Rapids

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