Live Music Friday: Chris Zehnder

Apr 15, 2016

Our Live Music Friday guest today is Chris Zehnder. The singer-songwriter has a new EP called “Goin’ Through the Motions.” He’s worked extensively with Donny Brown, a former member of The Verve Pipe who has been a previous Live Music Friday guest.

Chris Zehnder is our Live Music Friday guest today. Chris is a singer-songwriter who has been working with former Verve Pipe member Donny Brown. Brown has appeared as our Live Music Friday guest in the past, and he’s here again today to play percussion and sing with Chris. Also here are Scott Vandell on guitar, Hank Horton on bass and singer Kay Rinker-O’Neil.

Chris Zehnder’s new EP is “Goin’ Through the Motions.” He’ll be the opening act for a Jen Sygit show at Stober’s Bar in Lansing on April 24th.