Marijuana Picks Up Pace To Deal With Licenses

May 9, 2018

A state board is starting to move faster to finalize business licenses to grow, transport, test, and sell medical marijuana. As we hear from Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta, the marijuana board added three meetings to its schedule between now and the end of the year.

The board has dealt with the just a handful of the hundreds of applications that have been submitted, and has yet to issue a finalized business license.

David Harns is with the state medical marijuana agency. He says background checks have often turned into complicated affairs. At the same time, agency employees are figuring out how to regulate an industry that didn’t exist before.

“I’d say that the pace is picking up and it’s a matter of time until we can go through all of these.” Says Harns.

Harns expects at least some applications will be completed in time to meet the June 15th deadline to approve the first round of licenses.