MI House Clerk looks back on nearly 40 years at state capitol

Sep 8, 2016

For close to 40 years, Gary Randall has worked in the state capitol, either a State Representative or the Clerk of the Michigan House. We talk with Randall about what he’s seen and what he’s learned from his many years an the capitol.

In the age of term limits, you may associate the Michigan legislature with transience. Gary Randall defies that trend, having spent close to 40 years at the state capitol.

Randall was first elected a state Representative in 1978 from Gratiot County, succeeding John Engler, who went on the become Governor. In 1999, Randall transitioned to the role of House Clerk, whose job is to oversee basic House business like record and document keeping, administration of oaths, and office assignments.

He’s seen a lot at the state capitol.  Gary Randall joins Current State to talk about some of it.