MI retailers push for sales tax fairness

Dec 8, 2014

Many online retailers, like Amazon, don't collect the state sales tax from customers in Michigan.
Credit Flickr - Carl Malamud

Last week we learned that e-commerce sales on Cyber Monday 2014 topped $2-billion. That’s up more than 15-percent over last year. Big box giant Walmart and online powerhouse Amazon saw sizeable surges in their bottom lines. But the reports are not welcome news for everyone, including traditional brick and mortar retailers in Michigan.

Michigan law says out of state retailers that have a physical presence in the state must collect the 6-percent state sales tax from their customers, which they then remit to the state. The thing is, companies like Amazon are getting around that clause and not collecting that tax. There’s legislation pending in the state legislature that would address this issue. It’s loosely called “Main Street Fairness.”

Current State’s Kevin Lavery talks with Michigan Retailers Association vice president Tom Scott.