Michigan Dept. of Education Submits New School Accountability System to the Feds

Aug 18, 2017

The Michigan Department of Education has a new plan to comply with federal education laws. 

In 2015 the Every Student Succeeds Act replaced No Child Left Behind.

Now every state has to come up with a plan to improve educational outcomes for kids and hold schools accountable for student success.

Michigan previously sent a plan with three options for measuring accountability.

But the federal government wanted some changes. Now the state department is scrapping two of the options.

“I said from the beginning of this work that we are going to put forward a plan that is best for the students in Michigan," said State Superintendent Brian Whiston.

If approved by the federal government, the state would use a Transparency Dashboard. 

It compares schools to the state average in several key areas like student growth and student proficiency.