Michigan Supreme Court ruling could cost state $1 billion

Aug 12, 2014

If the Michigan Supreme Court does not reconsider the decision, then the state legislature will likely find a way to make sure the estimated $1 billion is not lost, says Rick Pluta.
Credit Flickr - Justin Rumao

One billion dollars. That’s the amount the state could lose because of a July ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court, according to the Treasury Department.

Last Friday, news broke about the Court’s ruling in a case involving a tax dispute between the Treasury Department and IBM. The Court overturned two lower courts and ruled in favor of IBM in its effort to boost the out-of-state corporation’s 2008 tax refund from $1.3 million to $6 million. The decision could lead to recalculated tax refunds for many other out-of-state companies that do business in Michigan, and the total could reach an estimated one billion dollars.

Current State speaks with Rick Pluta, Capitol Bureau chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network, to find out what this means for the state's coffers.