Rep Moolenaar 'optimistic' about defeat of Iran nuke deal

Aug 27, 2015

Back in January, Midland Republican John Moolenaar replaced veteran U.S. Congressman Dave Camp in Michigan's fourth congressional district. Current State talks to the Harvard and Hope College graduate about his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, immigration and other issues. 

Congressman John Moolenaar represents Michigan's 4th District, which includes Clinton and Shiawassee counties.
Credit Congressional Pictorial Directory

Last January, voters in Michigan’s 4th Congressional district, which includes Clinton and Shiawassee counties, helped decide who would replace longtime U.S. Representative Dave Camp. Camp was part of a minor exodus from Capitol Hill of veteran Michigan legislators, including Mike Rogers, Carl Levin and John Dingell.

Those 4th district voters chose Republican John Moolenaar to replace camp. Before his election, Moolenaar served six years in the Michigan House of Representatives and on the Midland City Council.  He was trained as a chemist and is a former employee of Dow Chemical Company in Midland. 

Current State checks in with Congressman Moolenar about his first year in Washington and his opinion of the Iran nuclear deal, among other issues.