Williamston School Board Passes Transgender Policies

Nov 6, 2017

This story was updated Monday night with the results of the school board meeting.

The Williamston School Board voted tonight on two separate policies related to transgender students. Policy 9260: Access to Gender-Segregated Activities and Facilities passed 7-0. And Policy 8011: Gender Identity passed 6-1. Details of both policies can be found here.

Board President Greg Talbert explained in a letter posted Friday that the board's initial policy was intended to fulfill two basic purposes: to ensure that the school community knows that Williamston Community Schools will be a place where all students, including those who may identify as transgender, are welcome and will be supported, and to provide guidance to staff in their efforts to support the often unique needs of transgender students.

Talberg writes, "In lieu of the policy first proposed on September 18, we have developed two separate policies to achieve these purposes-- one policy specifically addresses gender identity and the second covers all users of district facilities including restrooms and locker rooms."